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Smart badge with TX62 module

Tutorial, June 9, 2021 - 5:39pm, 872 views

This is a nice HW and SW project to demonstrate the power saving technology of  NBIoT and CatM.  


  • designed for TX62 Cinterion module 
  • 2.9'' E-ink display with zero power consumption
  • 24h life time with a 3.8V, 200mAh LiIo battery
  • native USB2.0 slot for module access
  • microSIM slot for an NBioT/CatM capable SIM card
  • on board multi band ceramic LTE antenna
  • Accelerometer, GPS for activity tracking
  • small microcontroller STM32L431


The SW is based on a 2 task simple operating system. It runs 2 serial interface streams, one of them an AT command stack. We use the module internal MQTT service and power saving mechanisms like PSM. 


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I am doing this as my side project. For my San Antonio Trucking business.

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