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Running multiple applications simultaneously using Threadx

Tutorial, December 7, 2022 - 10:51am, 840 views

Ever wondered whether running multiple applications on your cellular module is possible? Yes, indeed it is. I have attached an example of how this can be achieved. There are 3 applications in total to achieve running 2 simultaneous applications. Follow these steps:

  1. Compile all three applications separately.
  2. Load each of the applications to the modem.
  3. Configure "multiapp" to auto-start during the module startup
  4. The "multiapp" when running on module boot-up will start the other 2 apps in parallel. The 2 apps in this example are helloworld1 and helloworld2.
  5. After module powers up, you will see 1 message for each app on the debug console.


NOTE: Also review the changes in the linker file between the 3 apps to make the changes needed to run them in parallel.

Enjoy multitasking on Cinterion modules using ThreadX!!!!






Download File (zip | 220.73 KB)


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