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MIDlet configuration (Netbeans)

Tutorial, July 3, 2015 - 10:05am, 7808 views

This tutorial describes how you can configure your MIDlet inside Netbeans. MIDlet configuration is needed if you want to enable autostart. Java user guide on this subject says:

every MIDlet that is started automatically ***** to be configured via its jad file and the following properties:

- Oracle-MIDlet-Autostart: [0-5], autostart order. 0 means no autostart. For MIDlets with the same level the order is not defined.

- Oracle-MIDlet-Restart: [true|false], if true the MIDlet is automatically restarted if it terminates non gracefully, e.g. by an uncaught exception.

- Oracle-MIDlet-Restart-Count: [number], number of allowed MIDlets restarts before the whole module is rebooted

Configuration steps:

1. Right click on your project and select properties:


2. Select Application Descriptor, then add attributes which are described above:

2. Step




For Autostart it's recomended to set the order greater than 1 to make sure that the factory JRC MIDlet will always start first.

3. By default scfg parameter AT^SCFG="Userware/Autostart","1" if it's not 1, set it to 1. You can check your SCFG settings with AT command AT^SCFG?.  Then you just install your MIDlet, restart the module and MIDlet should autostart.

More on the subject you can read in Java user guide in chapter: 9.4.1 Switch on Autostart


is there something like this for eclipse too?

Best regards

Hello, my name Zeljko and I have problem with autostart of my application on BGS5T. On the picture above how can I add marked attributes? Because when I press add button there is no option Custom-Oracle-Midlet-Autostart-2?

Thanks in advanced


sorry I haven't seen this message before so if problem still exsist here is the answer.Some options don't exist and for those you enter there name or value manualy with keyboard.

Derlich, about Eclipse. I sorry but I don't use so I can't help you with it. Maybe some other user can.




What about AutoStart for eclipse?



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