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How to use AT+CNUM to query own number

Tutorial, March 22, 2016 - 9:53am, 20955 views

According to the ATC, the own number can be displayed with the command AT+CNUM, but only in case ithe number s stored on the SIM card by operator. It is possible also to save your own number on the SIM card, however such functionality sometimes is blocked by MNO.

For most cases the query is not working, for most MNO prefer not to store phone number on the SIM; if your MNO doesn't block this function, you can write on your own.

Here is an example about how to do it:


+CME ERROR: unknown

at+cpbs?                                   - display the active phonebook storage

+CPBS: "SM",250,250


at+cpbs=ON                            - select the active phonebook storage to MSISDN list


at+cpbs?                                 -  display the active phonebook storage,

+CPBS: "ON",0,3                    - MSISDN list is empty


at+cpbw=,"+48723976327"    - enter your own MSISDN


at+cpbs?                                  -  display the active phonebook storage,

+CPBS: "ON",1,3                    - MSISDN list has one item


at+cpbr=1                                 - reading MSISDN list, position 1

+CPBR: 1,"+48723976327",145,""  - own MSISDN



+CNUM: ,"+48723976327",145      - own MSISDN