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EXSx2 - Embedded processing Tracking APP

Tutorial, October 28, 2020 - 6:44am, 2757 views

This demo showcases how the EXSx2 cellular module with integrated GNSS can be turned into a tracking device without the need of an external application processor. The newly introduced embedded processing (ThreadX as real time operating system) allows the user to run applications directly on the module.

Once the tracking app is started and successfully initialized, it listens for incoming SMS. If a received SMS contains the string “Location” the application sends an SMS with the current GPS coordinates (Longitude/Latitude) back (if GPS fix available), all other messages remain unanswered.

For the app development the below LGA DevKit is a convenient tool to access necessary interfaces (SIM, debugging, etc.) and to attach antennas easily.



The below log file shows the tracking application running. Three SMS were received but only two got answered with the GPS coordinates. The third message didn’t contain the right string, thus the application discarded it.



Rich debugging information can be enabled by adding gina_uwlog_set_level() function inside the main.

All the application source code plus the application binary have been attached to this article. It can be freely downloaded and modified.

Supported Products:
• Cinterion® EXS62-W (HW Build B2.1 or B2.2 only)
• Cinterion® EXS82-W (HW Build B2.1 or B2.2 only)

Software Development Kit:

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