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Customize OpenWRT for Gemalto Lan Terminal

Tutorial, October 29, 2018 - 1:39am, 4989 views

This attached document provides a step-by-step manual how a customized OpenWRT firmware can be cross-compiled for a Gemalto LAN Terminal on the first approach but shall also introduce given development tools such as the “SDK” and the “Image Builder” which simplifies the way to integrate single packages into the OpenWRT firmware without the need to recompiling the whole.

The Gemalto LAN Terminal with the OpenWRT on top provides customers the great flexibility to compile their own embedded operating system, modify it with simple tools freely and integrate own software modules without having one firmware with every possible feature into but rather support to add-on / get rid of packages in order to make room for other packages. 


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Does anyone know where to get the stock firmware for EHS6T?

I updated the OpenWRT to the latest build now have lost access to the unit via the LAN.

No IP address (DHCP server disabled ) is provided by the unit to connected machines from LAN.

I can connect via the Serial Port and enter some AT commands, but unsure how to get access back to the unit via LAN.

Has anyone updated the OpenWRT version on their unit using the build from the OpenWRT site and lost communication via LAN? Seems maybe the old config was not saved and now i can't find a way to get back into the unit other than serial, but that doesn't seem to give me access to config Openwrt. 



you can request the factory image to yout local Gemalto M2M representative



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