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5G module MV32: FW update via Firehose Tool

Tutorial, August 21, 2023 - 1:27pm, 98 views

MV32: all FW release image are encrypted

It is needed to use a specific FW update Firehose Tool to do the FW upgrade.

Use Firehose FW update tool on encryted MV32 FW image

MV32-firehose-tool-user guide:

Please carefully follow these steps to upgrade the MV32 firmware using the firehose tool:

2.sub-directory 1: Step-1-Firehose_Enable_encrypt
3.sub-directory 2: Step-2-MV32-FW.F0.
4.make clean
6.Firstly do Step 1: sudo ./fupgrade  ./Step-1-Firehose_Enable_encrypt/
7.Secondly do Step 2: sudo ./fupgrade ./Step-2-MV32-FW.F0.


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