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Using Prox-SU with NTAG203 | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 6, 2016 - 10:01pm, 1911 views


I have an app using ACR122U and NTAG203. I have no problem to read or write NDEF messages with ACR122U.

My clients are expanding and I´d like to change all platform to use Prox-SU.

I acquired a Prox-SU to test. Almost all works well except when reading NTAG203.

With NTAG203 and Prox-SU, It´s identifyng my  tag  as MIFARE ULTRALIGHT. So,  I am able to read only until page(block) 0xF according to documentation of Prox-SU. But I have, data saved above of OxF page, because my tag It´s really a NTAG203. When I use ACR122U, I have no problem to read or write to this tag and I can read after 0xF page.

I have searching support in Brazil, but It have been too hard find technical support from gemalto.

Is possible, I use NTAG203 with prox-SU?