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Unable to send AT commands on any interface BGS5T | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

September 21, 2015 - 6:45pm, 4498 views


I have a BGS5T and I have seemed to block my ability to send AT commands to the terminal. I have ASC1 as StdOut and I had USB0 to receiving AT commands. I was able to communicate and was in the middle of trying to configure i2c when I may have changed the Serial/Interface/allocation to 1 or 2. I may have also changed the mode of GPIO/mode/ASC1 but I don't think it applies to my problem.

What I get now on the USB0 interface is a bunch of random characters and SIO: If I send a command it will just spit out more grabage and SIO: and the command will not run.

As a last attempt I tried to connect to the RS232 connection on the GPIO with null modem connetion with loop back handshaking but was still unable to send AT commands to the terminal. In fact I don't know if the terminal is configured to listen for commands on the interface.

At the moment I am completly unable to send commands so I can't even print out a ^SCFG or run an application. I was thinking about the possability of writing a small application that runs the AT commands needed to reconfigure and uploading it to the terminal via OTAP with <midlet-autostart> set to 1. I know that the terminal is set with the Userware/Autostart set to 1.

Thanks for any ideas.