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Unable to receive responses from PLS62-W when restarted | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 9, 2020 - 6:18pm, 2140 views


I am currently using a Nordic microcontroller and developing with it an AT driver to control the PLS62-W to have it connect to a cloud service using MQTT.

I have manged to successfully establish effective communication between my micrcontroller and the modem using a serial link. I can send any AT command , receive modem responses and parse the responses appropriately. 

However, my issue is that as soon as I send the AT+cfun=1,1\r command to restart the modem, I am unable to read any responses from the modem. I have made sure to send an AT\r after 20s  for the modem to set the correct baudrate. After which I try to get response from the modem but with no luck. To make sure that the commands are being sent correctly, I have used a digital analyser. Strangely ,the Saleae logic analyser software shows the AT commands were sent properly with all the correct responses being sent back including all the startup strings below.

I am unable to receive "^SYSLOADING ","^SYSSTART ","+PBREADY" when the modem restarts. When I try to Printf characters received from the serial interface, its only shows empty blank lines.