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Timers not stopping | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 18, 2022 - 3:59pm, 1232 views

The APIs for creating, starting, and stopping timers are not working.

The APIs I am using follows this basic structure found in this documentation:

Which is basically this code (from the link above):

qapi_TIMER_handle_t timer_handle;	

qapi_TIMER_def_attr_t timer_def_attr; 
timer_def_attr.cb_type = TIMER_FUNC1_CB_TYPE; //notification type
timer_def_attr.sigs_func_ptr = &timer_test_cb; //callback to call when timer expires
timer_def_attr.sigs_mask_data = 0x1; //this data will be returned in the callback
timer_def_attr.deferrable = false; //set to true for non-deferrable timer

qapi_Timer_def( &timer_handle, &timer_def_attr);

qapi_TIMER_set_attr_t timer_set_attr; 
timer_set_attr.reload = FALSE; //Do not restart timer after it expires
timer_set_attr.time = time_duration; 
timer_set_attr.unit = T_MSEC; 

//set or start the timer
qapi_Timer_set( timer_handle, &timer_set_attr);
//stop a running timer
qapi_Timer_stop( timer_handle);
//Undef the timer. Releases memory allocated in qapi_Timer_Def()
qapi_Timer_undef( timer_handle);


I did some tests and what is happening is that the timer is not being stopped, that is, it keeps expiring, and printing the message on the callback I have registered.

The SDK I am using is for the EXS82-W module.

SDK Version (according to the SDK_Release_Note.pdf) is 0.2.002

DocID: iot_sdk_rn_v0.2.002