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TC63i 02.004 problem with SIM card | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 17, 2019 - 2:09pm, 2693 views


We have been using the TC63i module for years in our products, but now one of our customers is reporting a problem whe using private SIM cards from Movistar.

We have run tests and we have seen that it happens with the 02.004 revision of the software of them module, but the SIM works OK with 01.100 revision modules (we have seen that there is no problem with the TC65i module revision 02.004 either). The failure is that the modem seem to turn off by itself, as we detect that VEXT goes low.

When we made the development the only available revision was 01.100, so we only have the documentation for that one, even though we have devices deployed with both of them, as we have bought modules in different occasions and from different providers through the years.

The problem is that we can not find any documentation of the TC63i online, nor the revisions history, so we do not know what changes between them or if there is any reported bug. Could anyone provide me the AT commands manual and the hardware dev. guide of the 02.004 version and, in case it exists, the revisions history and bugs reports?

And, has anyone experienced this problem using this module?

Thanks in advance.

Sergio Hernando