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Switching COPS mode while registerd to a network | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

September 4, 2018 - 4:30pm, 3701 views


I have a question regarding the AHS3-W:

The ****m is configured for automatic operator selection AT+COPS=0

There can be situations where the ****m is registered to a roaming network PLMN1 and we want to force the ****m to register to another roaming network PLMN2.

I can do this by deregistering using AT+COPS=2 and using manual registration AT+COPS=1,2,"PLMN2"

After the ****m has registered to the new roaming network PLMN2, the ****m is now in manual operator ****.

At this time I like to bring the ****m back to automatic **** WITHOUT deregistration of the network PLMN2 that I have selected manually.

If I would use AT+COPS=0, would the ****m remain in PLMN2 or would AT+COPS=0 force the ****m to register to another network which could be PLMN1 again?

If it would go back to PLMN1, would there be any other way to stay registered in PLMN2 but have automatic **** turned on so that automatic network selection takes place as soon as PLMN2 gets lost?