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Sending serial data via USB to ASC1 GPIO Port in JAVA - EHS6T | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 15, 2019 - 1:41am, 2700 views

Hi ,

I'm currently testing a Java program on my EHS6T to receive serial data through the ASC1 on GPIO port (using Weidmuller connector head). Described is connections and configuration and program parameters below.

Hardware Setup

1. I have a PC USB cable connected to an FTDI chip. The FTDI chip has GND, RXD, and TXD jumper leads connected which are directly connected to the corresponding pins on the Terminal's GPIO port.

2. COM15 is my PC serial port's USB to the Gemalto GPIO.

3. The USB B cable is connected to EHS6T usb port. (COM28, COM27 etc..).

Software Setup

1. Java SE program on PC which is sending a serial string down  COM15 with connection 115200, 8, N, 1, NONE.

2. Java ME program is written to read from the InStream port, with connection string 


3. Configurations on SCFG as follows:

- AT Sleep Mode is AT^SPOW=1,0,0

- ASC1 is set to "std"

- Serial / Interface is 1,1,1

- StdOut is set to USB1.

- Debugging is set to on.

Pastebin link to JAVA ME serial Input reading

Pastebin link to JAVA SE serial output data


As I run the Midlet program so it awaits incoming serial data, the open terminal showing Midlet standard output is not showing the serial data being sent through to ASC1's COM 1 port.

It is not reading and displaying the incoming serial data via its InStream.

I will pastebin and show you my both programs.

Is anyone able to advise from seeing my work what I am possibly getting wrong in cofigurations and code?

Thanks and thank you for your time and constant support.