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Problems using AT+CSIM command | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 18, 2019 - 12:53pm, 5722 views


I have a Cinterion® ELS61-E2 ****m which has been configured to attach to a LTE network. The SIM card has a custom applet installed that I am trying to communicate with using custom APDU messages but I am having difficulties so am hoping that someone will be able to offer some advice please.

When I first power on the ****m I can send an AT+CSIM command to select my custom applet which responds with success 0x9000 and then immediately send a second AT+CSIM command to query some data pre-loaded to the custom applet and the data is returned as expected (this si done as soon as the ****m says PBREADY). If I then try to repeat the 2 AT+CSIM commands a few seconds later (I'm think that the ****m has attached to the LTE network at this point) neither of them return any data but the AT commands still report "OK".

If I delay sending the initial select command until a few minutes after the ****m has booted - it will usually report success (0x9000) but then when I send the second AT+CSIM sommand to query the data in the applet I get no response from my applet but the AT command still reports "OK".

Output from the above scenario is provided below.

Debug Trace

Thanks in advance for any suggestions