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Problems using AT+CSIM command | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 18, 2019 - 12:53pm, 8044 views


I have a Cinterion® ELS61-E2 modem which has been configured to attach to a LTE network. The SIM card has a custom applet installed that I am trying to communicate with using custom APDU messages but I am having difficulties so am hoping that someone will be able to offer some advice please.

When I first power on the modem I can send an AT+CSIM command to select my custom applet which responds with success 0x9000 and then immediately send a second AT+CSIM command to query some data pre-loaded to the custom applet and the data is returned as expected (this si done as soon as the modem says PBREADY). If I then try to repeat the 2 AT+CSIM commands a few seconds later (I'm think that the modem has attached to the LTE network at this point) neither of them return any data but the AT commands still report "OK".

If I delay sending the initial select command until a few minutes after the modem has booted - it will usually report success (0x9000) but then when I send the second AT+CSIM sommand to query the data in the applet I get no response from my applet but the AT command still reports "OK".

Output from the above scenario is provided below.

Debug Trace

Thanks in advance for any suggestions