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problems reflashing EHS6/installing Eclipse/JavaME SDK | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 28, 2017 - 12:50am, 2253 views

I was trying to reflash my EHS6 using the gWinswup executable

for 3.001 A-Rev 0.0.49

The installer runs through "Transferring firmware in

progress", and then "updating the flash file system" and

then the process ***** out and (eventually) the GUI

displays "Module Update Failed". The swup.log

contains this:

[2017-02-27 18:12:26]
[2017-02-27 18:12:27]OpenAttachedFile: 13 fail
[2017-02-27 18:12:27]Disabling userware autostart...
[2017-02-27 18:12:40]Initializing firmware update...
[2017-02-27 18:12:42]Waiting for re-enumerated USB port...
[2017-02-27 18:13:10]Warning: Timeout waiting for 1st ACK before swup start!
[2017-02-27 18:13:20]Erasing flash memory (this can take a couple of minutes without visible progress)...
[2017-02-27 18:15:38]Transferring firmware in progress...
[2017-02-27 18:18:41]Updating flash file system (this can take a couple of minutes without visible progress)...
[2017-02-27 18:24:19]ERROR: Cannot reopen update port!
[2017-02-27 18:24:19]Parsing configuration file...
[2017-02-27 18:24:19]Module update failed
I notice that between the "transferring..." and "updating..."

messages the enumerated USB port (21) goes away, and

doesn't come back.

Any suggestions for how to work around/resolve this?