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Problem with BGS2 Socket Listen Service - Maximum Sockets reached | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

September 21, 2017 - 5:52pm, 1359 views


I am having a problem with TCP Socket Listener Function of BGS2 Module. On the first few incoming connections, the TCP Listen works well. We use the TCP Server socket to trigger the unit to connect to Server ( SISO Profile 2 is normal socket, SISO Profile 3 is used for FTP, and SISO profile 4 is the TCP Listen Socket). On the end of each job I close the incoming socket.

Here is an example when the listener is working properly


^SISO: 0,"Socket",2,1,0,0,"",""

^SISO: 1,""

^SISO: 2,"Socket",2,1,0,0,"",""

^SISO: 3,"Ftp",2,1,0,0,"",""

^SISO: 4,"Socket",3,3,0,0,"",""

^SISO: 5,""

^SISO: 6,""

^SISO: 7,""

^SISO: 8,""

^SISO: 9,""

But when I reach incomming connection number 5 (6 sockets in total) the module does not accept any more incoming connections until reboot. Here is SISO command after we have reached maximum and cannot accept any more connections 

Is there any way to discard the closed sockets, without rebooting the module? 

Your help will be greatly appreciated.