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PLS83 CAT 4 Support | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

August 23, 2022 - 4:28am, 632 views

We are testing a PLS83-W modem with data connections being made over the ASC0 port, and we're interested to know whether the modem would ever make a CAT 4 connection in this case? I understand that the ASC0 interface cannot support CAT 4 speeds, but perhaps the modem itself could use the faster rates to improve efficiency of network access?

In the future we would like to make use of the LTE CAT 4 mode to improve our offload speeds, which will mean switching to the USB interface. Does it matter whether we use the RMNET or ECM mode? And do you know if there are Windows drivers available for these connections? In the past we've used the PLS62's MBIM mode to connect to Windows, but it looks like this mode is not supported on the PLS83 devices.

Note that we've been through the hardware and AT command manuals, but there doesn't seem to much information on CAT 4 and the different USB modes, so hopefully someone can clarify these points.

Thank you!