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PLS8 US version AT+COPS=0 not working | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 5, 2019 - 4:28am, 1192 views

I have URCs enabled.

AT+COPS=0 always initially connects, then soon gets back to 2. But if I check for AT+COPS=? networks manually, then use AT+COPS=1 it works normally. Actually I am using the internet provieded by that modem right now, after a full day of trying to make it work through AT+COPS=0.

Some additional info:

- using Mint Mobile SIM cards (tested 2)

- AT+COPS=? returns a few RATs. AT+COPS=0 sometimes switches between 2 and 7, then it  deregisters and AT+CREG returns 2 again. When I connect manually, RAT 7 does not work, but RAT 2 always does.

This behavior is consistant now for almost 6 months of testing. AT+COPS=0 randomly worked through 1 full day a few days ago. But all the rest of the days in 6 months I had to use manual register (AT+COPS=1)

Help from Gemalto would be really appreciated. Thak you