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PLS8 prolonged higher current drain. | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 18, 2020 - 11:37pm, 3755 views


We are experiencing some strange behaviour with a tracking product we produce using the PLS8.  In normal operation these trackers requires an average current of about 70 mA with the PLS8's GPS engine running.  Current will peak to about 240 mA during network activity and then drop back to the 70 mA average.  Under the operational state where we're seeing the problem, devices are simply connected to the cellular network waiting for any incoming SMS commands.  Devices are not connected in any way to the internet in this state  The microcontroller operating the PLS8 sends the AT command, "AT+CPMS?", periodically to check for incoming messages (we also have URC set to report incoming messages but found that to not be 100% reliable).  Very occasionally, current will increase to about 240 mA during network activity but then stay at that level.  Sending the device an SMS command causes the current drain to return to a normal 70 mA average as soon as the message has been received.  It's as if the PLS8 starts some sort of continuous cell network activity.  Would you have any idea what might be going on here please?

Thank you,

Ed Haslam