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PLS8-E : PPP connection issues | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 4, 2017 - 1:11pm, 2167 views


We use our own PPP stack with PLS8-E. We saw 2 problems :
1. After modem power up/initialized, after  issuing the ATD*99***1#, we start the LCP handshaking with no issues, but the IPCP exchange is very long : 1 to 2 minutes - compared to our other modems - to negociate IP addresses.

2. After modem power up/initialized, after issuing the ATD*99***1#, we start LCP handshaking with no issues, we send the IPCP frames, but the server never answer. Trying once again, some seconds later, and the connection is done correctly.

Note : we noticed, for the problem #2, during our tests : the fact that the +CGREG? tells "+CGREG: 0,1", and the +COPS? tells "+COPS: 0". Anyway, we communicate with the provider server as the LCP handshaking succeeded.

My questions : do you have any ideas why the IPCP is failing or takes a so long time ? Is there any chance for the network attachement (or the modem) to have any influence/impact on our IPCP handshaking ?

Thanks you.