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PLS62T-W-USB watchdog turning off the module not restarting it? | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

August 18, 2021 - 3:11pm, 1464 views

AUG 18 2021 - 3:05PM

I have a PLS62T-W-USB l am trying to use the watchdog facility for reliability.   This module has previously been used by others (as it is a demo unit)  but it does not appear to have any non-standard code running. 

I have a problem in that when the watchdog is triggered (I have setup the repetitive module reset) the module turns off rather than restarts.   If I lower the DTR line on the RS232 interface the module wakes up again, but I cannot do this easily with some of our devices and this is not how the unit should work, as far as I read the documentation.

Is this expected behaviour?   Is there some other setting I need to change to get the unit to restart not shutdown?

I did also try setting the Always_ON watchdog setting to force the unit to start up after another watchdog has shut it down but that does not get it back on.   

Has anyone seen this or can offer suggestions please?