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PLS62-W Leaving Airplane **** | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 3, 2023 - 6:25pm, 658 views

I have a PLS62-W running firmware 02.010. To conserve power when the device is out of network range I planned to put the modem into Airplane mode (CFUN=4) and then periodically return to normal mode (CFUN=1), wait for SYSSTART, and attempt registration (COPS=0). This seems to work well in normal scenarios with an activated SIM card. The problem I'm having is when the device has a SIM card that isn't activated with a carrier. Under this scenario, when I issue COPS=0 the modem doesn't respond at all. I can set COPS=2 and I can query it (COPS?) but if I try to set it to 0 the modem just doesn't respond, no OK and nor error. I've found that if I don't set COPS=0 after SYSSTART the modem will eventually issue a +PBREADY about 3 minutes later and then the COPS=0 command will work.

While this may not be a typical scenario, it has come up during testing and I'm trying to mitigate it. I don't know of a method for determining whether or not the SIM card is activated so it's hard to work around. For now, it seems that I have to power the modem off/on instead of using Airplane mode. This works but I have to wait 30 seconds to receive the +PBREADY every time I turn the modem on.

I'm hoping there's a better solution available!