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PLS62: Any way to come back up automatically after an AT^SMSO? | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 3, 2021 - 6:39pm, 1975 views

We're replacing (on very short notice) a custom board that had an EHS6 with a PLS62 terminal, but one feature we're losing from the old board is automatic power cycling. The only problem with that is that the customer was routinely sending AT^SMSO and allowing the hardware to bring it back up, at which point our Userware autostarts and puts things back to a 'normal' state. They don't have a way of power cycling it remotely and these things are deployed globally, so their currently deployed scripts will brick the terminal until they can fulfill a very expensive service call.

We're getting them to stop sending AT^SMSO for this terminal, but there's always a chance that they'll plop it into an outdated system and accidentally hose themselves. As a potential work-around, I periodically have the terminal setting alarms with AT+CALA at various increments from "now," and that usually works -- it just  doesn't seem like a fool-proof method.

Is there a guaranteed way to get the module/userware to automatically start back up after an AT^SMSO?