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PHS8-P: How to read GPS data (NMEA) from serial port (ASC0)? | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 9, 2016 - 11:54am, 5104 views

Dear all

I control/communicate with a PHS8-P module with a microcontroller through its serial port (ASC0).

I want to read NMEA packets (GPS data) through ASC0 port while being able to control the module through the same port

I have activated the modem interface through ASC0, and I am able to send AT commands to the module, e.g. I can turn on the GPS engine. But, I can't switch to NMEA interface to get the NMEA packets.

As far as I know, I must enable the "Multiplex mode" using AT+CMUX to partition ASC0 into virtual channels and map all the interfaces to these virtual channels. However, when I send AT+CMUX command to the module, it responds "+CMUX: 0" which means that Multiplex mode is already activated (actually, according to the module's command set document, it has only one mode: 0 = Multiplex mode Enabled).

According to "AT+CMUX" description in module's command set document, the details on usage of multiplex channels could be found in "Multiplexer User's Guide". I already downlowded the user guide (Mux_Guide_v09), but could not find the solution.

Any suggestions, PLEASE?