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PH8 Documentation: Where is it? | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

June 9, 2016 - 4:49pm, 4765 views

Hello everyone,

I am a new developer with PH8 Cintherion.

I am looking for the complete documentation of PH8, but I can not find.

Does anyone know where to find the following documents:

[1] PH8-P Release Notes, Version 03.001
[2] PH8-P Hardware Interface Description, Version 03.001
[3] User's Guide: Getting Started with PH8-P
[4] Multiplexer User's Guide
[6] Multiplex Driver Developer's Guide
[7] Multiplex Driver Installation Guide
[8] Application Note 02: Audio Interface Design
[9] Application Note 16: Updating PH8-P Firmware
[10] Application Note 22: Using TTY / CTM equipment with PH8-P
[11] Application Note 37: GPS Antenna Integration for PH8-P
[12] Application Note 39: USB Interface Description for PH8-P
[13] Application Note 43: Customizing PH8-P Applications

Thanks in advance