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PDS6 - sleep mode current is too high | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 1, 2015 - 2:51pm, 4123 views


I'm trying to get the PDS6 into it's lowest current consumption ****. The hardware Interface Description document (v3.001), section 3.5.1, table 18  states that SLEEP2 should be between 1.2mA & 1.7mA, but I've not been able to achieve this.

When idling, with the UART active, the ****m runs at about just over 15mA (at 3.8V), which more or less matches the documentation.

I've used AT^SPOW=2,1000,3, which brings it down to a baseline of about 2.6mA. I've tried deregistering the ****m from the network (AT+COPS=2) but this makes no difference to the baseline current.

I'm using the PDS6 eval module mounted on a DSB75 board, with the 3.8V supply to the battery input (X602) and communicating with it via the ASC0 (X201).

Can anyone advise, please?