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PDS6 - sleep mode current is too high | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

October 1, 2015 - 2:51pm, 4827 views


I'm trying to get the PDS6 into it's lowest current consumption mode. The hardware Interface Description document (v3.001), section 3.5.1, table 18  states that SLEEP2 should be between 1.2mA & 1.7mA, but I've not been able to achieve this.

When idling, with the UART active, the modem runs at about just over 15mA (at 3.8V), which more or less matches the documentation.

I've used AT^SPOW=2,1000,3, which brings it down to a baseline of about 2.6mA. I've tried deregistering the modem from the network (AT+COPS=2) but this makes no difference to the baseline current.

I'm using the PDS6 eval module mounted on a DSB75 board, with the 3.8V supply to the battery input (X602) and communicating with it via the ASC0 (X201).

Can anyone advise, please?