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Pc Communication | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

September 15, 2016 - 10:04pm, 3687 views


How to communicate with pc probably over serial port...

Using Bgs5T!

So my goal is to display simple data that are read from adc that is working fine,but i need it display on custom application due some fine tunings.

So what i was trying:


I'm guessing that ASC0 = COM0(that debugger is using ) , ASC1 = COM1(Other port when drivers are installed) and USB0 = ??

So when i set the communication string "comm:COM0;blocking=on;baudrate=9600" COM0 and COM1 seems to be opened USB0 charshes the app.... but that is not the point!

So is there any way to astablish the communication with terminal and pc?

Also been trying  with example taht is included:

System.out.println("RS232Demo: startApp");

   System.out.println("Looping back received data, leave with 'Q'...");

   try {

     int ch = -1;

     while(ch != 'Q') {

       ch =;

       if (ch >= 0) {





   } catch(IOException e) {




And also  System.out.print((char)ch) in my guess is sending data over serial...

I'm assumning that this command sets it : AT^SCFG="Userware/Stdout","ASC0"

So my final goal would be to astablish two way communication with tunning software and terminal!

I'm stuck couse i cant detect any data from terminal rather that sending at command and and getting output on debugg console!

Any Hints?