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Network idle timeout Exception in ServerSocket | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 4, 2016 - 9:28pm, 2759 views

Hi all,

I am using a server socket in my java program and i have a issue. 

I open the server connection:

ServerSocketConnection ssc = (ServerSocketConnection)"socket://:1234;bearer_type=gprs;access_point=" + prg.getGprsAPN() + ";dns=;username=" + prg.getGprsUser() + ";password=" + prg.getGprsPassword());

Also I tried with the parameter ;timeout=20; I dont sure about  the unit, ms or s, so I tried with many differentes values.

IOException idle timeout is thrown after two minutes waitting in acceptAndOpen method.

SocketConnection sc = (SocketConnection) ssc.acceptAndOpen();

I recieve connections before this time, this is ok, but if there is not connections in these minutes the exception is thrown and i have to close and open the serverconnecion and wait again in acceptAndOpen method. 

why idle time out exception is thrown?

Best Regards