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MES Access without RTS-CTS | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 11, 2016 - 7:49am, 3319 views


I'm using MES(Module Exchange Suit) to put jar-jad files into BGS5 ffs.

I have used ASC0 of BGS5T for this purpose so far without problem. I have used a usb-rs232 converter between PC and module.

But now, I'm using our own board which has only RX,TX,GND pins for asc0 with a usb-ttl converter which also has only those 3 pins on it. I couldn't connect to module ffs by this way. I tried with another converter which has RTS-CTS pins on it. At first, it also failed to connect. But when RTS-CTS is connected to each other, it works.

From this result, we realized that MES is using RTS-CTS pins for flow control. Is it possible to change flow control setting of MES as no-flow control? I want to be able to use a usb-ttl converter lacking RTS-CTS pins for MES connection.

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