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How to setup a https connection from a EHS5-Terminal to an existing cloud service | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

July 15, 2015 - 8:32pm, 6051 views


four weeks ago I was successful setting up http connection to an existing cloud service with the TC65i module and the EHS6 terminal in a demo project.
Now we spent some days in studying how to setup a https connection to an existing cloud service. With the Chrome rest console it works fine, without dealing with certificates.
We consulted all documentation offered by Gemalto and after our internal discussion we are pretty sure that we understand the principle dealing with certificates and https.

Status: Without loading certificates we get same response on the cloud service like trying connect to your server:
^SIS: 1,0,2200,"Http"

^SIS: 1,0,210,"INT:-213 SSL-Error: revcd alert fatal error"

Our most important question:

Do we have to request the server and / or client certificate from the cloud service provider and load it to the module?

For beginners with basic knowledge in secure connection (https) it's quite hard to follow your cookbook (project "https_demo_devzone") and to deal with the recommended platforms - I mean we're proffessional hardware and embedded developers but not server and linux cracks.

Many thanks in advance