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Help with APN configuration of PLS8-E | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

October 26, 2023 - 10:50am, 425 views

Help with APN configuration of PLS8-E

I have a problem with VOLTE calls not happening and the call is falling back to a 2G call.

I need to update the APN via my serial port connection as devices are with customers.
I have seen that there is a configuration tool 'gWinSwup' as described in section 3 of 'AN78: VoLTE- Multi Network Operator Configuration'
but i would like to do that by AT commands if that path to updating APNs is necessary.


A. information

A-REVISION 01.000.11


B. Setting up the APN

The APN settings for telenor NORWAY are

Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMSC: http://mmsc/
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8080
MCC: 242
MNC: 01
Authentication Type: Not set
APN type: default,supl,mms
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol: Ipv4
Bearer: Unspecified
MVNO type: None
MVNO Value: Not set

All i can figure out is to change the Access Point Name in CGDCONT to in cid 1.
This is what i sent.

"AT+CGDCONT= 1,"IPV4V6","","",0,0,0,0,0,0"

Do i change cid 1 or should i use another cid number ?

I have looked throguh the forum and found the following post, the link is below.

in the response ( second paragraph) on Dec 27 2016 - 2:05pm from Lukasz

"Please also note that in 4G there is something called default bearer - because of that is recommended to leave AT+CGDCONT with <cid> 1 empty - network fill this entry with defult bearer. We noticed that very often network limit apn functionality to 2G 3G only and such apn is not working in 4G."

Does this mean i should leave cid 1 empty.  if so then where do i put the APN information for telenor ?

I also have the limitation of calls in reverting to 2G even though it looks like the APN configuration is good as seen in the response it get.



The following is the configuration received from the PLS8-E


+CGACT: 1,1
+CGACT: 2,1
+CGACT: 3,0

+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","","",0,0,0,0,0,0
+CGDCONT: 2,"IPV4V6","ims","",0,0,0,0,1,0
+CGDCONT: 3,"IPV4V6","sos","",0,0,0,1,1,0

^SGAUTH: 1,0
^SGAUTH: 2,0
^SGAUTH: 3,0
^SGAUTH: 4,0
^SGAUTH: 5,0
^SGAUTH: 6,0
^SGAUTH: 7,0
^SGAUTH: 8,0
^SGAUTH: 9,0
^SGAUTH: 10,0
^SGAUTH: 11,0
^SGAUTH: 12,0
^SGAUTH: 13,0
^SGAUTH: 14,0
^SGAUTH: 15,0
^SGAUTH: 16,0


+CGPADDR: 1,""
+CGPADDR: 2,""


^SCFG: "MEopMode/Prov/Cfg","fallback*"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/Prov/AutoSelect","on"

+CGCONTRDP: 1,5,"","","","",""

^SMONI: 4G,300,1,20,20,FDD,242,01,819B,31E7F08,268,-,-106,-10,CONN

+COPS: 0,0,"Telenor ",7

+CREG: 2,1,"819B","31E7F08",7

^SCFG: "Audio/Ecfg","0"
^SCFG: "Audio/Loop","0"
^SCFG: "Audio/SvTone","32"
^SCFG: "Call/ECC","0"
^SCFG: "Call/Speech/Codec","2"
^SCFG: "Call/VoLTE/Codec","0"
^SCFG: "GPRS/Auth","2"
^SCFG: "GPRS/AutoAttach","enabled"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/CFUN","1","1"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/DTM/Mode","1"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/ExpectDTR","current","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/ExpectDTR","powerup","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/IMS","1","mmtel","smsip"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/NonBlock/Cops","0"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/PingRsp","1"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/PowerMgmt/LCI","disabled"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/Prov/AutoSelect","on"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/Prov/Cfg","fallback*"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/PwrSave","disabled","0","50"
^SCFG: "MEopMode/SRPOM","0"
^SCFG: "MEShutdown/OnIgnition","off"
^SCFG: "MEShutdown/Timer","off"
^SCFG: "Misc/CId",""
^SCFG: "Radio/Band","2928787"
^SCFG: "Radio/CNS","0"
^SCFG: "Radio/Mtpl","0"
^SCFG: "Radio/OutputPowerReduction","4"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Event/ASC","none"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Event/URC","none"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Event/USB","none"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Ports","current","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Ports","powerup","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Pulse","10"
^SCFG: "SIM/Retry","on"
^SCFG: "SMS/4GPref","IMS"
^SCFG: "SMS/AutoAck","1"
^SCFG: "SMS/Retrm",5
^SCFG: "Tcp/IPv6Priv","1"
^SCFG: "Tcp/Loop","disabled"
^SCFG: "Tcp/MR","10"
^SCFG: "Tcp/OT","6000"
^SCFG: "Tcp/TLS/Version","MIN","***"
^SCFG: "Tcp/UnreachRsp","1"
^SCFG: "Tcp/WithURCs","on"
^SCFG: "URC/DstIfc","mdm"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline","local"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline/ActiveTime","2"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline/SelWUrc","all"


Incoming call detected

The sequence below starts of with a 4G connection.
when an incoming call is detected the CREG status and the SMONI status change to 2G for the duration of the call. As soon as the call is dropped the link reverts back to 4G

i have replaced the phone number with *******


000:02:21 ^SMONI: 4G,300,1,20,20,FDD,242,01,819B,31E7F08,268,21,-106,-9,NOCONN
000:02:23 +COPS: 0,0,"Telenor ",7

000:02:23 +CREG: 1,"2E7D","4F38",0

000:02:24 +CPAS: 0

000:02:24 +CREG: 2,1,"2E7D","4F38",0

000:02:25 ^SMONI: 2G,64,-65,242,01,2E7D,4F38,42,42,2,3,E,h,1,2,-65,0,--
000:02:26 +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:26 +COPS: 0,0,"Telenor ",0

000:02:27 +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:27 RING

000:02:27 +CLIP: "*******",129,,,,0

000:02:27 +CPAS: 3

000:02:27 +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:28 +CREG: 2,1,"2E7D","4F38",0

000:02:28 ^SMONI: 2G,64,-66,242,01,2E7D,4F38,42,42,2,3,E,h,7,2,-81,0,A_FR

000:02:29 +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:30 +COPS: 0,0,"Telenor ",0

000:02:30 +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:30 +CPAS: 3

000:02:31 +CLCC: 1,1,4,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:31 +CREG: 2,1,"2E7D","4F38",0

000:02:32 ^SMONI: 2G,64,-68,242,01,2E7D,4F38,42,42,2,3,E,h,7,2,-81,0,A_FR

000:02:33 RING

000:02:33 +CLIP: "*******",129,,,,0

000:02:35 +CLCC: 1,1,0,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:35 +COPS: 0,0,"Telenor ",0

000:02:36 +CLCC: 1,1,0,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:36 +CPAS: 4

000:02:36 +CLCC: 1,1,0,0,0,"*******",161

000:02:37 +CREG: 2,1,"2E7D","4F38",0

000:02:37 ^SMONI: 2G,64,-68,242,01,2E7D,4F38,42,42,2,3,E,h,7,2,-79,0,A_FR

000:02:38 +CLCC: 1,1,0,0,0,"*******",161


+CREG: 1,"819B","31E7F04",7
+CPAS: 0
+CREG: 2,1,"819B","31E7F04",7
^SMONI: 4G,6400,20,10,10,FDD,242,01,819B,31E7F04,424,44,-83,-8,NOCONN





Thank you for any help or suggestions on how to proceed.