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A-GPS Time Info error. | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 4, 2019 - 10:19pm, 7042 views


A product we've developed using Gemalto's PLS8-US module relies on A-GPS for faster time to first fix.  Devices starting the GNSS engine in A-GNSS mode using the AT^SGPSC command have worked well until recently.  For the last few days, every attempt to start devices in A-GNSS mode has resulted in the AT^SGPSC command's, "AssistDataError" parameter reporting"Time Info Error".  Automatic time zone updates are not enabled and devices seem to have have been set correctly to GMT when this error occurs.

For example, with one test device at 6:52 PM, November 4, 2019 GMT, firmware correctly sends the AT^CCLK command to the PLS8-US module and the command is acknowledged:



However, the subsequent start up attempt in A-GPS mode still fails with an "AGPS: TIME INFO ERROR" result.

A previously developed device using the 3G only PHS8-US modem and essentially the same A_GPS startup sequence works properly without error.

Can you please tell me, why this might occur with LTE and not 3G and  if this might be some odd daylight savings time issue or perhaps something else going wrong?

Thank you,

Ed Haslam

Integrated Tracking Technologies Inc.