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GPS data is unable to read | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 3, 2015 - 8:11am, 16929 views

Hi, I am using EHS8 mounted on cinterion B80 starter.

JSR 179 API is always giving timeout expired even if it didn't take more than 1 second time. Forget that, we have direct AT command.

^SGPSC: "Engine","0"<CR><LF>

^SGPSC: "Nmea/Output","on"<CR><LF>

^SGPSC: "Nmea/Freq","20"<CR><LF>


^SGPSC: "Nmea/Interface","local"<CR><LF>

^SGPSC: "Power/Antenna","off"<CR><LF>

^SGPSC: "Mode/Antenna","0"<CR><LF>

this is the config that I have. 

AT^SGPSC="Engine","3"<CR> is giving frequent output and location fix is also happening. how can I decode that to my code?  Response Listener is only giving the first response. Listener is giving the buffer status. Nobody is there to give me the actual data. Now I am able to see the data, but I couldn't use it in my code. 

 Correct me if i am doing all it wrong and please help me read the data. i don't need A-GPS. GPS is what i need.

Thanks in Advanse,