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GPS configuration | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

January 12, 2017 - 12:43pm, 2116 views

Good morning.

I have a module EHS8. I have configured my module (command at^sgpsc) with this configuration.


^SGPSC: "Engine","0"

^SGPSC: "Nmea/Output","on"

^SGPSC: "Nmea/Freq","1"


^SGPSC: "Nmea/Interface","local"

^SGPSC: "Power/Antenna","on"

^SGPSC: "Mode/Antenna","1"

^SGPSC: "Assist/Address","FQDN","","7276"

^SGPSC: "Assist/Data"

^SGPSC: "Assist/Connection"


And all works, if I change Engine value (0) by (3), I see Nmea data and finally my position.

I have seen that Assist/Data and Assist/Connection can take values between:

^SGPSC: "Assist/Data",("0-7"),("0,1")

^SGPSC: "Assist/Connection",("1-11"),("0,1")

My question is what mean this values exactly and what I should use.

Thank you.