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GPRS and GSM over a single serial interface | Thales IoT Developer Community

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October 24, 2017 - 7:53pm, 1286 views


Currently I have a modem EHS6 where I have connected a uart with its RX, TX and GND lines, RTS and CTS are not connected. I have been using the modem with a linux platform and only for GPRS connections with no problems. But now I need to send SMS messages through GSM module.

Therefore now I have the issue to create a GPRS connection and also send SMS messages over one serial interface.

In the file EHS6_ATC_V02.000  I have found the command AT+CMUX for enabling the use of virtual channels set up one single serial interface but the Multiplex Driver Developer’s Guide says i need to connect RTS/CTS signals and currently I can't do it because I have hardware limitations but I can do software changes.

For that I was wondering if there is other way to establish a GPRS connection and also have the capability to send SMS messages. I do not know, maybe doing a mix using java and AT commands?