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Gemalt EH6 Modem: Connection Failure Reason | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 29, 2017 - 10:22pm, 1455 views

Dear Staff:

I am using a Gemalto EH6S ****m in transparent PAD ****.

It isn't clear to me why the TCP connection establishment failure, described below
occurs. Any insight you have about the problem would be appreciated. Also, when
RF conditions are good, I am able to establish a TCP connection without problems.

The general problem is that after at least one connection failure, if you wait
about 2 minutes and attempt another connection, it fails with the following
diagnostic. All subsequent connection establishment attempts fail unless,
you turn the ****m off and then on again.

    +CME ERROR: operation temporary not allowed.

The diagnostic after the first connection failure is something like this and
RF conditions are not too good.

    ^SIS: 2,0,94, "PDP: connection failed"

The sequence of AT commands issued to the ****m--via the serial port, in
the connection establishment attempts are as follows and only AT^SISO fails.

    AT        // Make sure ****m is alive
    AT^SIP        // Restore pre-programmed configuration.
    AT+CSQ        // Evaluate RF signal quality.
    AT^SISO        // Establish a TCP connection.

Best Regards,

Paul R.