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FTP Upload hangs on FTP Service Open - EHS6T | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 21, 2018 - 1:39am, 3287 views


I'm in the process of testing an FTP upload on my EHS6T modem.

I have entered the following Service config profile:


^SISS: 0,"srvType","Ftp"

^SISS: 0,"conId","0"

^SISS: 0,"address","ftpput://myftpaddress;type=d"

^SISS: 0,"tcpMR","10"

^SISS: 0,"tcpOT","6000"

^^SISS: 0,"user","username"

^SISS: 0,"passwd","*****"

^SISS: 0,"path","file:///a:/data/"

^SISS: 0,"files","simple.txt"

^SISS: 0,"cmd","fput"

^SISS: 1,"srvType",""

^SISS: 2,"srvType",""

^SISS: 3,"srvType",""

^SISS: 4,"srvType",""

^SISS: 5,"srvType",""

^SISS: 6,"srvType",""

^SISS: 7,"srvType",""

^SISS: 8,"srvType",""

^SISS: 9,"srvType",""

On sending AT service start command I find it hangs on the first connection status like so:



^SIS: 0,0,2100,"Ftp open(ftpaddress:21)" (Hangs right on this line)

I have entered what I believe to be all the correct inputs but cannot comprehend why the service upload hangs like this.

Any advice on what could be causing this? It hangs each time I do this no matter what FTP profile I try.

Thanks in advance,