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ESX82-W SUSPEND Mode | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 11, 2022 - 9:51am, 674 views

I have an EXS82-W module. Why immediately after returning from the "SUSPEND" mode, the module is re-registered in the network? At the same time, consuming up to 140mA in peaks. And this phase lasts about 20-25 seconds.

Is there such a configuration of the module so that registration on the network is only once, when exiting the "SUSPEND" mode, the module does not waste battery power on re-registration and is ready to send data via IP (AT^SICA,AT^SISO, AT^SISW) ?

When using ENS22-E modules, everything worked exactly like this: Registration in the network only once, then DRX / eDRX + PSN, then the "SUSPEND" mode and after returning, AT ^ SISO, AT ^ SISW immediately worked. The ENS22-E module does not support eSIM, and it is now difficult to buy it, so I am looking for a similar functionality with the same or less current consumption and with eSIM support.