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ESH6T-USB: setup ASC0 from inside the MIDlet ... is it possible? | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 18, 2015 - 6:31pm, 1980 views

To setup ASC0 I use the common way: to send (with PuTTy in my case) the AT commands related to serial Interface (AT^SPOW, AT\Q0, AT+IPR, AT+ICF . Some of them need to use AT&W ) over ASC0 .

Everything works fine but...

In my case, this way involve a heavy task over more than 200 units.

So ...

Is there a way to setup ASC0 from inside the MIDlet?

Remember (or realize) that AT commands related to serial Interface make no sense to AT Command API
(Reference: Java User’s Guide -> 5.6.4 Configuration of Serial Interface (ASC0, ASC1))

By the way...

My goal is to send/receive data to/from serial device coupled by ASC0 to EHS6T-USB  
To achieve that , I use (the usual way) inside the MIDlet code

Consider that I tested empirically that it's not enough to set properly the comm_connection_string and use the open method of
Synchronization must exist between the real settings of ASC0 and comm_connection_string.