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ELS61_R2 Jamming | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 16, 2020 - 11:01am, 898 views

Good day all.

I am busy looking at the jamming implementation on the ELS61. I found the document:  "els61_an45_jamming_detection_rls_v02" and worked through it. But now there is some discrepancies.

For 2G, going from +CIEV:"lsta",0,*** to  +CIEV:"lsta",1,***, the <IstaMin>, <IstaMax>  and <IstaMean> is positive values. In the document, it is negative values, but from the module it is posative? From what it looks like. It *** out at 63. So my assumption is this value corresponds to the CSQ value of 2G




Then for 3G, going from +CIEV:"lsta",10,*** to  +CIEV:"lsta",11,***, the <IstaMin>, <IstaMax>  and <IstaMean> is also positive, but with higher ***. Not sure what the *** would be.



For 4G these are negative, which my assumption would be normal RSSI in dBm?



So, my question is, what reference is used for 2G and 3G? How can I convert the 2G and 3G values to similar RSSI dBm values as 4G. I need some way to see if the floor noise level is higher than a certain value. But for that, I need the values to have a similar reference/meaning.

Can anybody help me with this?