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ELS61 is not being enumerated on Linux kernel | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

September 1, 2020 - 7:48pm, 2781 views


we are working on a device with i.MX28 processor and Linux kernel It had the EHS8 module configured and we are to add the support for the ELS61. 

Unfortunately, ELS61 does not enumerate at all. I have checked the power input voltages and VUSB voltages. Everything is working fine but Linux does not detect ELS61 connected to the processor via the Hub. Whereas, EHS8 is connected with the same hub on an old device is detected properly. 

AN39_Usb_Interaface document says this.

With other Linux systems the USB device (i.e. ELS61) may not automatically be detected and
enumerated. For these systems a possible USB host driver “cdc_acm“ compiled as loadable
module may be loaded to create the ports. Please note that the command to load such a driver
module may vary for different Linux distributions.

I configured the Kernel with CDC_ACM as a loadable Module but it still did not get detected. i will be great if someone could advise me in a right direction.