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ELS61 modem not recognized by raspberry pi0WH | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 28, 2018 - 11:32am, 2026 views

We are using the Gemalto ELS61 modem and we tested it with ca. 15 Raspberry Pi 0WH. 50% of them are working, the other 50% are not. 

Also sometimes they are recognized, but after a while they are not recognized anymore. 

We used the `dmesg` and the `lsusb` tool to debug the problem. 

Once we have found a device that does not recognize the modem anymore, we tried the same usb port with a USB stick and this one is not recognized either.

Also, we swapped the SD cards of a RPI on which the modem got recognized with another RPi where it was not recognized, so we can rule out any software bugs. 

- Could it be a power related problem? That e.g. we have blown a fuse?

- We have ordered the new batch from with the headers already soldered. The soldering looks good, but was there maybe too much heat applied?

Did anyone encounter similar problems?