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[EHS6] USB port | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 15, 2015 - 12:00pm, 1618 views


I was having a lot of trouble with my EHS6 hardware and the USB connection. Windows did not recognize the usb hardware if it was connected to my pc. After some research I found out what causes this behaviour, and was hoping for a nice solution.

The EHS6 contains some Userware which uses an USBx port for displaying a magement menu. This port of the Userware tries to open the USBx port and then displays the menu. If the port is not connected, opening the port will fail and after some interval it will be tried again.

Now did I some testing with the Concept board and a simple Midlet which tries to open the USBx port and then write/read something to it. Failure resulting in a delay of 300msec and a retry in a while(true) loop.

Starting this MIDLet and USB connected it works well. After disconnecting the USB cable I do not get any IOException to detect the disconnect. So the connection and streams are still open. Reconnecting the USB cable will then result in a unrecongized usb device under windows.

Any ideas how to still implement some USB menu which will be available when USB is connected and closed when disconnted?


Even without running a MIDLet reconnecting the USB after startup is resulting in unrecongnized hardware. :(

Under Linux it is the same.