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EHS6 Rebooting during AT^SISR=... when using RTS/CTS Flow Control | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

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June 2, 2015 - 3:38pm, 8047 views

I'm using the EHS6T to provide my product with an internet connection using 2G/3G.

Some of my customers are using the BGS2T so the driver supports this module as well (with a few minor differences during initialization)

(I'm not experiencing any problems with the BGS2T)

I'm not using any java, USB or GPIO.

Just AT commands using the serial interface with a baudrate of 115200 (AT+IPR=115200) and HW flowControl RTS/CTS (AT\Q3).

I'm waiting 200ms+ between each AT command.

I connect to a webserver using TCP.

All data communication between my device and EHS6 is polled. (No transparent mode)

(Write : AT^SISW=0,32 & Read: AT^SISR=0,256)

The device and the webserver sends data back and forth and everything seems to be fine.

But as soon as the webserver starts sending a little more data to the device the problems *****.

In the middle of the transfer I get the following behaviour:


^SISR: 0,256


The EHS6 simply reboots without providing any reason.

I'm trying to send a total of 300 kB and this problem occurs every time before it completes (but at different completion percentage).

And always in the middle of a data section while reading from EHS6 as shown above.

The problem disappeared when I set up my device RTS pin wrong. Simply allowing the EHS6 to send all the time.

(My application handles retransmission of unsuccesful chunks and they all get through after a little while)

Is this a known issue or could I be doing something wrong here?

Is there a best practice to follow?