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[EHS6] no startup JRC and user MIDlet | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 7, 2015 - 2:58pm, 1594 views

Currently I have deployed around 1000+ EHS6 based terminals, almost without, problems. On very small occasions  I get terminals returned for RMA with the following problem;

1. The JRC MIDlet did not start anymore.

2. My own MIDLet did not start anymore.

3. The terminal did have a backup battery, which runs the terminal for a day, after powerloss.

4. Global and userware AutoStart are active.

Last week, the same problem in the field. The terminal did not start any MIDlet. After reboot, AT+CFUN=1,1, power off + restart button, etc. Replaced the terminal. And after a few days ****** on my desk, I powered it on and now it looks like to work correctly!

What could be the cause? And what could prevent the start of the JRC? 

Is there a way the MIDLets always will try to start? (So not a finite amount)

Thnx, Mark.