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EHS6 network scan fails | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 28, 2017 - 4:03pm, 2634 views


I'm having troubles in getting full network scan results successfully with my EHS6.

What I do:

AT^SCFG has "Radio/Band","511"

AT+CREG=2   // to get CREG info indications

AT+CMEE=2 // for extended error codes

AT+COPS=2 // to deregister from network

AT^snmon="INS",2   // to scan defined radio bands

and the result is list of values from rb 1 and then ERROR

^SNMON: "INS",0,1,0,"1088","0168","24412",7,23,"-68",1

..42 rows of results..

^SNMON: "INS",0,1,0,"0758","100F","24491",65,7,"-99",1


The error is always printed after 40-45 seconds since start of scan. Scan seems to return duplicate values (rows).

If I narrow down the searched radio bands (for example to "17") then it is able to give results from the single radio band (rb 16 in this example) and ends with "OK". But only if it takes less than 40 seconds. Sometimes it also gives error +CME ERROR: operation not allowed. Output of ^SMONI is ^SMONI: 2G,SEARCH,SEARCH  even after search so not sure if it performs something in the background or whether that is just a default output in deregistered state.

I have tested with both internationally roaming SIM and non-roaming SIM (to rule out if it would perform some internal scan due to roaming). There shouldnt be any other activity on the AT command ports. This is Linux system and I have tried both /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyS2 ports. I'm not interrupting the command by pressing any key on terminal. No Java applets installed except the default one from Gemalto.

ATI1 gives version:
A-REVISION 00.000.31

and  I have also tested with A-REVISION 00.000.55

Can you please help me on this issue. Thanks!