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EHS5 module crashes after OTAP procedure | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 9, 2020 - 10:30am, 2258 views


Cinterion EHS5 module Rev 04.000 crashes after OTAP procedure.

This error is easy to reproduce: when OTAP procedure is in progress (10-15 seconds after the begining) you should disconnect the module from power.

The result is as follows:

1. The user midlet which was being updated is no longer present in module, only JRC midlet is running:

^SJAM: "a:/JRC-1.60.02_crn00054.04.jad","Java Remote Control MIDlet Suite","Cinterion","1.60.02",1,1

2. The most disappointing thing is that no answer for at^sjam=4 (read installed midlets). When
 issue this comand there is an error in syslog port:

java.lang.NullPointerException:   0
 - com.cinterion.ams.AmsNativeCommand.execute(), bci=650
 - com.cinterion.ams.AmsNativeExtension$, bci=9

I think that JRC midlet is not working correctly.

Additional information about the revision of the module:
A-REVISION 01.000.05

Please answer my questions:
1. Is this a problem of JRC midlet? If so will it be solved? When OTAP procedure fails the module should recover the old midlet but not to delete it.
2. How to recover the module now?

And the last question: is it possible to install a new user midlet remotely by OTAP?
Thank you for your reply.