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EHS5-E: Very slow connection on specific (but frequenty selected) UARFCN channel | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

January 5, 2019 - 8:56pm, 1308 views

Our client has a problem: EHS5-E (device has constant place) selects the UARFCN channel, which (for reasons that we don’t understand) has a very bad data transfer rate.
AT^SMONI output:^SMONI: 3G,9812,---,-24.0,-121,250,01,0244,0722FB5,--,--,----,---,-,----,---,0,--,--
on this channel EHS5-E has less then 10kb/s rate.
But after reset EHS5-E may connect to another channels: 2762, 9788, 9763, etc, and has no problems with speed (real rate is about 100-200 kb/s).
Practically our device connect to 9812 channel in 6 of 10 ***** after power on and in this cases it totally useless.
What we can do with this (maybe you know about the nature of this problem)?
Is any way to forbid to use this channel?
Maybe we may try to use any tricks, different setting with this channel for example, or something?
Our configuration: EHS5-E with SMA antenna (differents antennas have tested with same result), connection over pppd.
Thank you.