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Dual 3G connection using USB and serial interfaces on EHS6 | Thales IoT Developer Community

February 20, 2018 - 2:20pm, 852 views

Good morning,

I have a product which uses the EHS6 module. The module is accessed by two boards, which one realizing a connection with EHS6. One of the boards uses the serial connection, while the other one uses USB connection.

The interface which uses serial connection makes the 3G connection by using the AT commands to configure the communication. The board that uses USB has a embedded Linux, which makes the connection with pppd context.

At the EHS6 manual (Cinterion EHS6 AT Command Set), it is oriented that we must use AT+CGDCONT to make the connection to define the PDP context. Our board which uses the AT commands to make the connection doesn't use this command to set the context, it uses instead AT^SICS to define it (with GPRS0).

The whole problem is: sometimes the pppd connection stop working after the other board uses the 3G communication. After that, we must disconnect the USB cable from our board, or restart the whole board to have a working connection again on pppd context. May this issue be caused by not using the AT+CGDCONT command on the both connections?

Thank you for your attention.